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Digest for December 3rd through December 4th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 3rd through December 4th:

  • It’s the NRA’s Country – "She should have been armed." That's the word from the NRA President, who claims that Kassandra Perkins, the girlfriend of Kansas City Chief player, Jovan Belcher, who shot her and then shot himself in a case of murder suicide last week. From the NRA's own YouTube video of "reporter" Ginny Simone discussing Bob Costas' commentary about the gun violence in our culture with NRA President Wayne LaPierre…
  • “The Hunt is On, and Brother, You’re the Prey” – In his beautiful song entitled A New World Order, Curtis Mayfield said, “The hunt is on, and brother you’re the prey.” Sadly, that remains true today. We are hunted by vigilantes like Zimmerman. We are hunted by racist police officers. And yes, we are even hunted by some of our own misguided brothers and sisters. […]
  • Commentary: Was ‘black blindness’ involved in Jordan Davis’ death – It is a kind of myopia that afflicts some of us — too many of us — whenever we gaze upon a dark-skinned man. It causes some of us — too many of us — to see things that are not there, and to miss things that are. Sometimes, it is fatal.
  • Dominance: The New Democratic Voting Base Is an Electoral Steamroller – Have the Democrats opened up a real Electoral College advantage over the Republicans?
  • Mitt Romney’s Sad Thanksgiving – A new Washington Post story sheds light on Romney's post-election mourning period.
  • He Kept Shooting

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