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Digest for December 17th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 17th from 15:28 to 15:37:

  • Commentary: Guns are the problem – The rights of people who like to take high-powered weapons to shooting ranges should not trump the right of children to make it through a school day, or of shoppers to return him safely from a trip to a mall.

    We need bans on assault-style weapons and high-capacity clips that enable a shooter to kill people quickly and randomly. We need better tracking systems of everybody purchases weapons. Why is there a record of everything I order on Amazon, and no documentation of a person stockpiling an arsenal?

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  • When Individual Rights Trump the Common Good – An obsession with individual rights is one of the greatest strengths of America, and also its greatest flaw.
  • A Turning Point on Guns? – The mass murder of 27 first-graders and adults in Newtown Connecticut could be a turning point in public sentiment and presidential leadership. Or it would be a moment for kind gestures and little durable change.
  • Yes we CAN protect our children from gun violence | The Progressive – Waiting for the children to get home from school, I posed the question on Facebook: What do you say to a kindergartener, a third-grader, and a sixth-grader who may have heard that 20 elementary school children were gunned down, along with eight adults, in a school setting just like their own?

    A mix of answers came back: some sensitive and empathetic, from other parents struggling with the same dilemma; some hard-nosed and political, from people ready to fight.

  • Connecticut school shooting: standing up to the gun lobby is the best way to honour the innocent victims – Telegraph – Democrats will need to decide that they want to lead on this issue again. Support for reinstating the assault weapons ban, for example, remains high. In other areas, the Supreme Court has spoken clearly in recent years against city's attempt to functionally ban handguns.
    But in this policy areas as in all others there must be common ground, but it will only be found when politicians have the courage to think beyond the boundaries of special interest lobbies who claim to be representing the Constitution.
  • War At Home – How many times will we allow these atrocities to occur before we find the courage and the will to intervene? What is the point of having a self-governing society if we can’t—or won’t—protect kindergarten pupils from the flood-tide of killing set loose by a gun culture that has gone stark raving mad?
  • Commentary: Weep for the children, then pass sane gun laws – Weep for the slain schoolchildren and their devastated families. Weep for the town of Newtown, Conn., scene of the latest mass shooting. Weep for America, where these scenes happen again and again.

    And then, for God's sake, let us do something about it.

    Read more here:

  • 9 Horrible Gun Laws Backed by the Right Wing – By way of the Center for Media and Democracy’s ALEC Exposed project, Digby’s Hullabaloo blog posted links to some of the model legislation on guns the group is pushing. Here are 9 of the awful gun bills ALEC wants to bring to a state near you.
  • Gun owners can’t hurt Democrats – The common wisdom in the Democratic Party is that gun regulations—whether focused around control or safety—are an electoral loser; that they alienate the middle and working-class white men who are critical in Rust Belt and Midwestern states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.
  • A Farewell to Arms – I think it's easy to fall into a conversation about "America's gun culture," but we should keep in mind that we are talking about a shrinking group of people who collectively own a shocking number of guns:

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