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A Most Important Voice In The Gun Debate: A Child’s

Vice President Joe Biden met with members of the House Democrats’ gun violence task force  today to discuss a way forward for gun control legislation in Congress. Biden will present the task force’s proposals for addressing gun violence.

Meanwhile, the NRA has launched a shooting app for kids ages 4 and up.

The NRA has launched an iOS app that puts a shooting range — featuring nine “true to life” firearms — right in your pocket. Billed as the “NRA’s new mobile nerve center,” the app is recommended for ages four and above.


Talk about starting them young.

“NRA: Practice Range” advertises “one-touch access to the NRA network of news, laws, facts, knowledge, safety tips, educational materials and online resources,” but these features are not an integrated part of the app. Despite the app’s claims of “striking the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible,” users interested in gun safety are simply redirected to the NRA’s website, making the app primarily a vehicle for the shooting game.

The app offers three gameplay modes: indoor range, outdoor range and skeet shoot. And while players start out with an M9 handgun, for $0.99 they can “unlock” an MK11 sniper rifle.

Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing this app for my kids. 

Fortunately the White House is probably going to ignore the NRA. But I hope the White House will heed the voice of Joe Tarcia’s twelve-year-old daughter.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am 12 years old and in seventh grade.

I live in California with my mom, dad and younger brother. My brother is in fourth grade. We go to the same school.

We have lockdown drills for if someone enters the school. I always looked at those as drills we just have to do. I will never think that way again. I can’t think of losing my brother or anyone.

In Newtown, Conn., a man went into a school and shot 26 people, including 20 6- and 7-year-olds.

I think that we should not be able to buy guns that fire that fast.

I have been to Virginia, and I got to hold a Revolutionary War rifle. It was heavy, and it took forever to load. I think that people should only be allowed to have slow-firing guns.

Maybe if that man had not had access to a fast-firing gun, some of those people could have been saved.

Please make a law so that we can be safe wherever we are.

Especially considering that since 1979 firearms have killed more children than troops in the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars combined.

Firearsmschild3But that doesn’t matter to the gun nuts. They have their amendment rights & that is more important to them & theirs than a child’s right to live.

It doesn’t make sense but hey, the Americans aren’t the smartest group of people I ever met. Some of those who have continued to fight against some sort of gun control still don’t get it & never will.

When some of these idiots were interviewed by Piers Morgan I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that came out of their mouths. It was like they had left their brains some where else.

… Guns kill people. It is that simple. If there is a gun around & it is fired at some one they have a good chance of dying. If the gun wasn’t there the victim might have a better chance of survival because you can out run some one with a knife but you can’t out run a bullet.

Like I’ve said before: My kids’ right to live trumps your right to live out your apocalyptic fantasies.

The zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen.

Red Dawn was just a bad movie, and the ridiculous remake was even even worse. 

And your “militia” has nothing to do with resisting a “tyrannical government,” and everything to do with threatening violence when democracy doesn’t yield the results you want — either because you failed to make your case, or never had one in the first place. That’s why you’ve called for “violence insurrection” after the last two presidential elections.

I’m working on another post about gun violence and gun control, but this was too good to hold back.

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  1. The message from the 12 year-old child is false. This letter was not composed from any child other, it was written by an adult.

    Children are tought the MLS style and this is from old school.
    Nice try