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Digest for March 20th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for March 20th from 16:45 to 16:54:

  • Hollywood Is the Wrong Target – In These Times – Entertainment isn’t causing a culture of gun violence–we are.
  • Zerlina Maxwell speaks, receives death threats, refuses to stop speaking – Writer and political analyst Zerlina Maxwell spoke on FOX with Sean Hannity to point out, rightly, that no amount of precaution and preparation and weaponry can protect women from rape as long as there are still rapists. It’s the obvious statements like that that, for some reason, seem to appear so revolutionary and controversial that they’re worthy of argument or even death threats.
  • The domestic abusers lobby – Opinion – Al Jazeera English – The right of an abuser to own a gun trumps the right of a victim to walk away with her life, argues Filipovic.
  • Opinion: Punished for telling truth about Iraq war – – This week, we mark the tenth anniversary of the day the U.S. launched the Iraq War. But when we think of how differently that war might have been fought, the most important date to remember is February 25, 2003.

    That's when Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki told the Senate Armed Services Committee that "several hundred thousand soldiers" would be needed in Iraq when post-hostilities control was taken into consideration.

  • The secret life of my sixth grader – – In Steubenville, Ohio, the social media-based backlash against the conviction of two teens for rape is riling a community already in turmoil. The article below, originally published in November 2012, details one mother's anxiety around her son's "secret life" online and how she polices his Internet use.
  • Steubenville victim’s mother speaks out – In an exclusive audio statement, the mother of the girl raped in Steubenville, Ohio, talks about her daughter's future.

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