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Digest for May 9th through May 17th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for May 9th through May 17th:

  • Let’s Call Racist School Closings What They Are: Racist – Avoiding calling racism for what it is only prolongs the problem.
  • We need to talk about masculinity – The crisis facing men and boys cannot be solved by reviving the tired stereotypes that oppress and constrain them
  • PETA: IRS ‘harassment’ not new – The group says the IRS inquiry should include its three audits from the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Editorial: The Republicans’ Scandal Machine – Behind their loud condemnations of President Obama, Republicans continue to damage the economy and society.
  • Education Reform in the New Jim Crow Era – ince market-oriented education reform is producing evidence highlighting the ineffectiveness and even negative outcomes associated with those policies, that the agendas remain robust suggests, again like mass incarceration, education reform fulfills many of the dynamics found in the New Jim Crow.
  • Blame Congress For the IRS-Tea Party Mess – One of the biggest revelations in the Treasury Department inspector general report on the unfolding IRS-tea party debacle is this: The IRS staffers vetting hundreds of tea party groups and conservative outfits seeking nonprofit status for potential political activity weren't themselves sure what they were looking for. And who bears the ultimate responsibility for this? The very folks who are getting so worked up about the alleged abuses and the dark-money explosion that made them possible: Congress.
  • How to Stop the Next IRS Scandal – The root of the recent scandal at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—in which the agency admitted to singling out Tea Party groups for special scrutiny—is simple: terrible campaign-finance laws.
  • Daily Kos: Mormons and Marriage – a sea change in progress? – A couple days ago, I stumbled onto this piece on Mother Jones site. It posits that one of the main reasons that things have moved so very fast on marriage equality in the last year or so is that the Mormon Church has largely abandoned its former role as a main driver of the reactionary forces on the issue. It seems there may well be something going on that is an important subplot to the story of the rapid pace of change on marriage equality.
  • Reform physical education: Gym class shouldn’t require team sports. – Slate Magazine – Making kids play team sports in PE is neither healthy nor educational.
  • May Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild Rot in Jail – Joe Francis is headed to prison for the second time. May he rot there. The founder of Girls Gone Wild was convicted Monday on misdemeanor charges of assault and false imprisonment. The allegations: In 2011, Francis met three women who went out after college graduation, took them home with him, and then tried to separate one from the other two, in the process grabbing her by the hair and throat and slamming her head to the floor. Charming. Also entirely of a piece with Francis’ long history of bad boy misdeeds. This is a guy who has literally made it his business to use and humiliate women.

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