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Digest for May 24th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for May 24th from 16:06 to 16:19:

  • Op-ed: Boy Scouts Must Complete the Inclusion Process to Remain Relevant – There is more work to do, say the leader of GLAAD and the lawyer who argued Boy Scouts of America vs. James Dale before the Supreme Court in 2000.
  • The Boy Scouts’ leadership loss – While the move to allow gay Scouts is sure to cheer some as a measure of progress—and it’s commendable the organization finally agreed to open itself up to all youth—the decision not to do the same for Scout leaders employs confounding logic and sends a mixed message to both the gay community and the millions of children involved in the Boy Scouts.
  • There’s no substitute for government disaster relief – The work of non-governmental organizations, no doubt, is critical, and contributing money to them is laudable. But there is something troubling about government leaders initially implying — if subtly — that a non-governmental response is as significant as a governmental one. And there is something even more disturbing about that message being sent at a time when budget cuts and sequestrations engineered by those very governmental leaders threaten to prevent a more effective response to such disasters in the future.
  • Post-ABC poll: Most Americans still disapprove of sequester – he government-wide spending cuts known as the sequester remain unpopular for most Americans, with little difference in opinion across party lines, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll released Friday.

    The data indicates 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the sequester, which is roughly on par with the 57 percent who felt that way in April and the 53 percent in March.

  • Gay Couples Do It Better – And all this time we were worried that gay marriage was destroying heterosexual marriage, that the reason marriage rates were plummeting in the U.S. was because gay people wanted to steal it from us! Turns out it’s just the opposite. A new Atlantic cover story by Liza Mundy suggests that gay marriage is in fact causing a general marriage-is-cool moment, because gay couples are teaching us how to reinvent marriage so that it’s durable through the next century.
  • Bridge collapse: Part of “aging infrastructure” – In his February State of the Union address, President Obama called for $50 billion in new spending on “an aging infrastructure badly in need of repair.” The I-5 bridge collapse in Washington state Thursday evening calls attention to an all-too neglected infrastructure in the context of decade of expensive war-waging.

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