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Digest for May 28th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for May 28th from 16:23 to 16:32:

  • Our Opponents Do Not Understand Their Own Argument (and that’s how they like it) – I’m starting to think opponents of same-sex marriage talk to their followers and themselves the way I talk to my dogs.
  • To die for: The rise in anti-gay violence – A 32-YEAR-OLD man was shot and killed in New York last Friday night a few blocks from my Greenwich Village home. He was not killed for money, his watch, or even vengeance. His life was taken from him simply for being who he was: a gay human being.
  • Yes, those groups were cheating – The NYT has published an article about what some of the groups the IRS subjected to scrutiny actually did. And it is very informative. It would appear that many of these people were lying about their activities or "understood" their political activities to not be political. Seriously.
  • Source of Anti-Government Extremism – Exclusive: The Right’s hostility to “guv-mint” is not new. It traces back to the South’s fears that any activism by the national government, whether building roads or providing disaster relief, would risk federal intervention against slavery and later against segregation, perhaps even the end of white supremacy, reports Robert Parry. By Robert Parry One reasonable way of looking at democratic governance is that it carries out the collective will of a society, especially in areas where the…
  • Source of Anti-Government Extremism – One reasonable way of looking at democratic governance is that it carries out the collective will of a society, especially in areas where the private sector can't do the job or needs regulation to prevent it from doing harm. Of course, there are always many variables and points of disagreement, from the need to protect individual rights to the wisdom of each decision.

    But something extreme has surfaced in modern American politics: an ideological hatred of government.

  • The Wealthy Kids Are All Right – The culprit is the growing role of inherited advantage, as affluent families make investments that give their children a leg up. Combined with the 2008 economic meltdown and budget cuts in public investments that foster opportunity, we are witnessing accelerating advantages for the wealthy and compounding disadvantages for everyone else.
  • Tony Katz On NRA’s Radio Show: Hurricane Katrina Victims Should Not Have Expected To Be Rescued – Conservative commentator Tony Katz said on the National Rifle Association's radio program that some victims of both the May 23 bridge collapse in Washington state and Hurricane Katrina were blameworthy for not doing enough to protect themselves.

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