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Digest for July 30th through August 5th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 30th through August 5th:

  • False Concerns for the Poor – Fast food workers have been organizing across the country for months now, and last week a series of spectacular coordinated strikes generated a deluge of media coverage. As you'd expect, the right-wing media and pundit class came out swinging against the workers with their usual mix of hateful trashing and concern trolling.
  • Privatisation isn’t working. It’s time for a public service users bill | Cat Hobbs – Most people want public services to remain public. This bill would give us a say over sell-offs and outsourcing
  • 8 Ways Privatization Has Failed America – Some of America's leading news analysts are beginning to recognize the fallacy of the "free market." Said Ted Koppel, "We are privatizing ourselves into one disaster after another."
  • Hard Work Isn’t Always Enough
  • Will the Department of Justice Find Zimmerman Guilty? – Since the end of the George Zimmerman trial, many of those dismayed by the not guilty verdict have pushed for the Department of Justice to press federal civil-rights charges against Trayvon Martin’s killer. Given the strong possibility that race played a role both in Zimmerman's decision to follow the unarmed teenager and in the jury’s verdict, it seems plausible that federal intervention might be warranted. Indeed, soon after the verdict was read in mid-July, Attorney General Eric Holder launched an inquiry into whether civil-rights charges should be filed against Zimmerman. But unless the investigation uncovers evidence that was not publicly available at the time of the trial, it is almost certain that the federal government will decline to prosecute Zimmerman.
  • Those Not Standing
  • Welcome to the land of GOP denial – When lawmakers return from the August recess, they'll face a long to-do list, the most urgent items being the dual fiscal issues of raising the debt ceiling and funding the government. It's a battle that will be reminiscent of many others fought over the past three years between President Obama and congressional Republicans, save for one enormous difference: While Republicans have used concerns over rising deficits to extract major concessions on spending, this time, for the first time in Obama's presidency, the deficit is falling.
  • Opinionator | Disunion: Icons of Cruelty – The stories behind two unforgettable images of the Civil War.
  • You Can Still Be Arrested for Being Gay in Red State America
  • After Trayvon, black families are angry. They should be. – It’s been 10 days since George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin. Although I was disappointed by the verdict, I don’t believe Zimmerman woke that day wanting to kill anyone. He’s another pathetic man who caused a needless tragedy with a gun in his hand. We’ve seen that before.

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