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Digest for August 22nd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 22nd from 12:17 to 12:59:

  • They Can’t Handle The Health Care Truth – Youth and health are fleeting things.
  • Young Tea Party ‘Rebels’ Burn Fake ‘Obamacare Cards’ – So many challenging choices for young people today! And it’s not just between Vine and Instagram. More importantly, it’s between burn-baby-burn and health insurance security.
  • Anti-GOP Protests Return To North Carolina – An estimated 2,000 activists gathered at Marshall Park in Charlotte, N.C. on Monday, providing the latest jolt to a coordinated Moral Monday movement against recent actions by the GOP-controlled state Legislature.
  • So Say You, Whitey – Maine Gov denies telling GOP fundraiser crowd that Obama hates white people.
  • One Solution To Blogger Burnout – The progressive blogosphere is–pun not intended–a-Twitter with the news of one of its most respected members, Grist's Dave Roberts, announcing he was taking a year off to avoid burnout. His explanation resonated deeply with a lot of political writers and gabbers

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