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Digest for August 22nd through August 23rd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 22nd through August 23rd:

  • Keep the guns out of my classroom | Ashley Lauren Samsa – Our first reaction shouldn't be to meet violence with violence. This week a Georgia school clerk showed there is another way
  • Rick Perry’s Neo-Confederate Stance – Exclusive: Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other neo-Confederate politicians are citing the Tenth Amendment in claiming the federal government has no authority to protect minority voting rights. But they’re wrong both in their constitutional analysis and their ignorance of the Fifteenth Amendment, says Robert Parry.
  • Wentworth Miller’s message for the Olympics on Russia’s anti-gay law | Nancy Goldstein – You must remember this, a kiss is not just a kiss – at least, not when it's between two Russian female athletes on the medal podium in a country where LGBT people are currently being dehumanized in ways reminiscent of Nuremberg-era Germany.
  • Gender stereotyping is unhelpful and counter-productive – whoever’s doing it | Deborah Orr – Assuming that men are not responsible for their actions harms them just as much as it harms women
  • Manning wants hormone therapy in prison. Will it happen? – Right now, Army policy suggests there's a lot of space between requesting hormone therapy and actually receiving it. At the same time, recent case law might make Manning's argument a bit stronger, after other inmates have successfully petitioned their facilities for treatment.
  • Media willfully misgender Chelsea Manning – Chelsea Manning, the whistle-blower sentenced to 35 years in military prison for leaking classified documents, released a statement on Thursday to announce that she identifies as female and intends to begin hormone therapy as part of her gender transition. Manning also requested that the public refer to her by her chosen name, Chelsea, and adopt feminine pronouns to describe her.

    But the media isn't listening.

  • Americans Are Working Too Damn Hard – A lot of us will go to Washington again to mark that occasion, and we’ll march for jobs again, as well we should, given the current climate. But can I admit something?

    I wish we were marching for less work, not more of it.

  • Court decision on stop and frisk welcome – This policy discriminated against men of color and, in a blatantly un-American way, trampled on the presumption of more

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