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Digest for August 27th through August 30th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 27th through August 30th:

  • Cory Booker’s brilliant response to gay rumors: So? – Cory Booker is right. It is wonderful that some people think he’s gay.
  • Are introverts the new feminists? – It seems like you can't go online these days without seeing an examination of the introvert.
  • Actually Enforcing the Law Would Reduce Segregation – The deep racial segregation of America's schools is such a difficult challenge because it is so driven by economics: Many families of color simply can't afford to live in white or mixed neighborhoods. Zoning rules also play a big role, with white communities often making it difficult to contruct more affordable multi-family apartment units.
  • Parenting: it’s really not that bad | Tiffany Gee Lewis – We've branded parenting in all the wrong ways. Is it any wonder that more and more couples are opting out of having children?

    Parents, we are good at many things. But these days, we aren't so good at selling our job.

  • Chelsea Manning and the Politics of a Pronoun – At first blush, the question of how to refer to Manning may seem pretty easy to answer. The reaction from The New Republic's Ryan Kerney was basically "what's there to be confused about?" The AP Stylebook—the industry-standard manual for copy editors—says you should go with the person's preference:
  • A Little African American Boy From South Carolina Wanted To Go To Space. Here’s How He Did It. – Today — August 30 — marks the 30th anniversary of the day that Guion S. Blueford became the first African American to go to space. To honor this milestone, we thought we'd show you a video we love. It tells the story of the second African American to enter space — physicist Ronald E. McNair.
  • Does it Matter if Cory Booker is (or Isn’t) Gay? – This isn't the first time Booker's been accused of being gay. His sexuality was also a point of contention during his first failed Newark mayoral campaign in 2002 against Sharpe James. It seems likely that–until Booker comes out directly one way or another–questions around his sexuality will follow him through this Senate campaign.
  • Let’s Change Perceptions of Black Men And Boys – To truly achieve Dr. King’s dream for freedom, we must rewrite the script on the Black experience, instead of continuing to argue against it.

    Our truths are not being presented or promoted in the mainstream media and we all lose if we are told only about the disparities and not the achievements and successes of Black men and boys.

    It’s time for us to change this.

  • Here’s 15 Smart Women of Color on Twitter – The online business magazine Fast Company released a monochromatic list yesterday of the 25 Smartest Women to follow on Twitter. While the list offers a sprinkling of women of color, it largely features white women. Salon posted the exact same list a short while later.

    While we don't want to disavoy the smartness of any women tweeters, the team came up with a more diverse grouping. Got more for us? Tell us who you follow!

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