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Digest for September 2nd through September 3rd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for September 2nd through September 3rd:

  • Op-ed: Which Americans Are Responsible for Russia’s Hate? – Where did Russia learn such bigotry? Take a look at our home-grown antigay activists.
  • Raising my gender creative son – While we tried to set boundaries, C.J.’s love of all things pink, purple, sparkly, glittery, and frilly knew no bounds. I realized the gravity of our plight when not only could C.J. name each Disney Princess and her movie of origin, but when his third birthday finally rolled around, he wanted a Disney Princess– themed party.
  • Austerity Is for the Little People: Syria Edition – While millions of Americans lose their public services, some officials feel confident the US can handle funding another expensive military operation abroad.
  • The racial empathy gap – All things being equal, if you show a person an imagine of a dark- and a light-skinned person being harmed, they will most likely react more strongly to the latter. Studies have found evidence of this using both self-report and measures of brain activity. Notably, both Black and White people respond similarly.
  • Global Protests Planned Today Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Law: Find One In Your City – In anticipation of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg this week, where world leaders will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, global protests have been planned today from Los Angeles to Melbourne.
  • Diana Nyad: A lesson in perseverance – Diana Nyad completed a challenging swim from Cuba to Florida Monday in a demonstration of perseverance, bravery, and dedication fit to inspire adults and children for years to come.
  • Capitalist democracy doesn’t pay a living wage – If Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray signs a bill mandating big retailers pay a living wage, he’ll do more than raise workers’ remuneration.

    He’ll establish a potent precedent for powerful corporate actors like Walmart. Threaten to shelve construction plans, as the retail giant has warned it will do if the legislation is approved, and democratic governments will remain undeterred. He’ll demonstrate that elected officials, instead of being cowed by businesses that blackmail, can bring them to heel.

  • Washington Post column uses a Louis C.K. joke to defend statutory rape

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