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Digest for October 9th through October 18th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for October 9th through October 18th:

  • No You Can’t Just Go to the Emergency Room—Unless You Want to Go Broke – So if you’re uninsured and can afford a basic plan, you should get insured—because while your odds of going to the emergency room on any given day are statistically low, your odds of being financially ruined if you do are quite high. Otherwise, it just might cost you the arm and a leg you were trying to save.
  • The Abject Failure of Reaganomics – Even as the Republican Right licks its wounds after taking a public-opinion beating over its government shutdown and threatened credit default, the Tea Partiers keep promoting a false narrative on why the U.S. debt has ballooned and why the economy struggles, a storyline that will surely influence the next phase of this American political crisis.
  • The Strange Stalinization of the American Right – The dread Reds of the Fifties evinced a rigid dogmatism and a contempt for partisan comity rare in U.S. politics. But their old-time religion is rivaled by the scorched-earth ideologues of the radical right who blackmailed the global economy in the name of, well… I guess it’s Ted Cruz, the Trotsky of Tortilla Coast.
  • Government Shutdown May Be Over, But Inflicted Widespread Pain, Poll Finds – Forty-four percent of Americans in the survey said the shutdown had hurt their families, including 19 percent who said it hurt a lot. Forty-six percent said it made no difference, and 5 percent said it helped. The poll was conducted Oct. 15 and Oct. 16, before Congress reached an agreement that ended the shutdown.
  • What LGBT Americans can do for civil rights – The power black, Latino and LGBT Americans can have when united is tremendous. We can vote out politicians who exacerbate racial tensions; ensure all immigrants — gay or undocumented — have a path to citizenship; and name and shame corporate leaders who support elected officials who deliver laws like “Stand Your Ground” and “Don’t Say Gay.” Our faith leaders should bring us together on this agenda, not tear us apart.

    Being part of the civil rights movement isn’t just an honor or a rhetorical cloak, it is an obligation. Step up.

  • Republican Party’s Rating Plummets To ‘Record Low’ – There may be plenty of blame to go around for the nine-day government shutdown, but the Republican brand is taking the harder hit in public opinion.
  • Unfavorable To Whom and Why? – The latest from Gallup sure reinforces the impression that the GOP is "losing" the fiscal battle.

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