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Digest for October 29th through November 4th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for October 29th through November 4th:

  • Unseen victims of food-stamp cuts – In recent weeks, it's been remarkably easy to find so-called "victims" of the Affordable Care Act on various news shows, each telling their story about how they're going to lose their old, awful coverage plan. These horror stories generally don't stand up well to scrutiny — we're talking about folks who are getting a subsidized insurance upgrade — but they've nevertheless become an easy, popular story for those eager to blast "Obamacare." I can't help but notice, though, that actual victims of food-stamp cuts aren't exactly blanketing the national airwaves.
  • How America Is Killing the Poor – Lack of access to education, medical care, good wages and healthy food isn't just leaving the worst-off Americans behind. It's killing them.
  • Lessons of the Obamacare Mess: Public Is Better – The more complex a system is, the more it is at risk of failing in complex ways that were not anticipated by its architects. It would be hard to imagine a more complicated way of expanding health coverage than the Affordable Care Act.
  • Did John Boehner just say equal rights are ‘frivolous’? – With Senate passage basically assured, some Democrats have been hoping to run the same playbook on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that got the Violence Against Women Act through the Republican-controlled House. As Nancy Pelosi describes how the VAWA fight went, "We made it too hot to handle in the public … It had to come to the floor." ENDA will have to be white hot, though, given this:
  • To Gov. Christie, from the Teacher he Screamed At | The Progressive – Though a smooth talker, this Republican favorite still has some rough spots.
  • Insurance Companies Use ‘Misleading’ Cancellation Notices On Obamacare – Some insurance companies are sending cancellation notices or other "misleading" letters to customers in an attempt to push them into pricier alternatives, according to new reports.
  • Student suspended for ripping Bible – An incredible new video is making its rounds on the Internet that asks a group of children, ages 5-13, their opinions about same-sex marriage.
  • Black Girls Rock! delivers stunning performances from Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson and more – Speaker Boehner comes out against the ENDA workplace anti-discrimination law, effectively nixing any chance it will get a vote in the House or become law before 2015.
  • ENDA, explained – The Senate is poised to spend most of this week debating the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Here’s everything you need to know about the bill:
  • The irony of Republican disapproval of Obamacare – The Democrat's version of health insurance would have been cheaper, simpler and more popular. But we enacted the Republican version. So why are they so upset? Because it an achievement for the Obama administration.

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