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Digest for November 12th through November 18th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for November 12th through November 18th:

  • The Gay Awakening – Any other day, Reverend Frank Schaeffer might look out onto the 179 acres of woods at Camp Innabah—a Christian retreat center 40 miles outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—and stop to ponder God's design in the natural beauty. But today, his mind is on another matter: his trial. The 51-year-old pastor's crime? Officiating his son's same-sex wedding in 2007.
  • Epic drug war rant: Watch Ethan Nadelmann destroy the ‘failed prohibitionist policy’ – The drug policy reform movement isn’t simply made up of people hoping to get high legally, according to Ethan Nadelmann. The executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance says the movement includes people who hate drugs and even people who “don’t give a damn” about drugs.
  • The Real Reasons Insurers Are Canceling Policies – There are other reasons some folks are being told they'll have to change health plans next year. Many of them are having to switch plans not because of Obamacare but because their insurance companies want to move them into policies with higher profit margins.
  • Louisiana residents choose libraries over jail to receive funds – Residents of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana recently voted down a proposal that would have used money currently going to local libraries to build a new prison.
  • Walmart asks its workers to donate Thanksgiving food … to Walmart workers – So this Walmart's management is asking its low-paid workers to give to its even lower-paid workers. Those who are lucky enough to get close to full-time hours and have been around long enough to earn a princely $11 or $12 an hour can give canned goods to those working part time and earning more like $8, I guess. That's people who are kinda sorta getting by giving to those who are living in poverty—in an effort run by their mutual employer, who refuses to pay them the kind of wages that would make food donations unnecessary for all of them.
  • The Libertarian Bizarro World – Today's post about how libertarians are big fans of initiating force reminds me of a subject near to my heart: libertarian theories of initial property appropriation. The part of a given libertarian theory that deals with initial property appropriation is always the hands-down most exciting part. This is so because it is at that point in the theory, especially for those inclined to talk about aggression and force, that we enter into bizarro world.
  • Washington Post writer: ‘Conventional people’ repress ‘gag reflex’ over biracial de Blasios – Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is under fire for his latest piece, in which he claims “people with conventional views” are repressing a “gag reflex” when they see New York City’s mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, his African-American wife and biracial children.

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