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Digest for December 31st

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 31st from 12:51 to 12:58:

  • Myanmar declares ‘no more political prisoners’ after amnesty – To 1.3 million jobless Americans: The Republican Party wishes you a Very Unhappy New Year!
  • Cutting jobless aid will be costly – If some of your neighbors don't seem too happy about the new year, it could be because Congress decided to go home and party without extending unemployment benefits.

    After patting itself on the back for barely passing a budget deal, Congress left 1.3 million long-term-unemployed Americans without any obvious means of support. Lawmakers didn't include an extension of unemployment benefits in the budget deal, so the program expired on Saturday.

  • The TV Club, 2013 – Despite anger toward these supposedly anti-democratic decisions, judicial rulings have a necessary role to play in the advancement of civil rights, even when public and legislative opinion isn't on the same side. Especially when it isn't.
  • The Pope’s Criticism Of Capitalism Has One Wealthy Donor Very Upset – Pope Francis' critical comments about the wealthy and capitalism have at least one wealthy capitalist benefactor hesitant about giving financial support to one of the church's major fundraising projects.
  • Banner year for LGBT rights – Richard Socarides, former president of Equality Matters, shares his thoughts on 2013’s top stories related to LGBT rights.

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