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Digest for March 5th through March 10th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for March 5th through March 10th:

  • WATCH: One Gay Man’s Touching Plea for Equality in Utah – Gay Utah native Justin Utley shares his heartbreaking story of loss and workplace discrimination at a meeting with state lawmakers and officials.
  • New law drives Uganda’s embattled LGBT community deeper into the shadows – With a World Bank scholarship and top grades in the first year of her masters degree in agriculture, 27-year-old Cleo Kambugu should be well on the road to her goal of an academic career in Uganda.

    Instead, she’s working out how to leave after the passing of a law that toughens prison sentences for homosexuality and a tabloid campaign to “out” gays.

  • How a Gay Grandparent will Lovingly Raise Black Boys – Anthony Carter feels his biggest challenge will be protecting their innocence and encouraging others to believe that black children have innocence and it is worth protecting.
  • One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying – Is material fortune really a sign of God’s blessing? Scott Dannemiller thinks Christians should stop saying so.
  • How Aid to the Poor Is Also an Investment – Aid to the poor may seem like classic near-term consumption boosters, yet they have have impacts that last into adulthood for children whose families receive them, an economist writes.
  • Let Them Eat Dignity – Whenever conservatives start throwing around ideas like "dignity" and talking about the contents of people's souls, watch out. Because it almost always means that what they're proposing is to make the lives of the vulnerable a little tougher and a little more deprived. This'll hurt you more than it hurts them.
  • Black Twitter: An online force to be reckoned with – Black Twitter is not a special website or a smartphone app. The hashtag #blacktwitter itself won’t necessarily lead you to it. It doesn’t exactly stick out among the trending topics on Twitter, even though it’s been known to cause a topic or two to trend. It is not exclusively black — there are blacks who don’t participate in it, and people of other races who do.
  • Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With Prayer – The Dalai Lama has opened the Senate with prayer.

    With nearly a dozen senators listening raptly, the Dalai Lama said that if you speak or act with a pure mind, happiness will follow. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thanked the Dalai Lama for his prayers and words of encouragement.

  • Holy Crap – Pope Francis suggests he's open to civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.
  • One Good Reason Why Steve McQueen Did Not Cheer for Screenwriter John Ridley’s Oscar Win—and Nor Should You – '12 Years a Slave' screenwriter once wrote a screed blaming black people for their problems.

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