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Wingnut Week In Review: Obamacare Derangement Syndrome

This week, they didn’t come any nuttier than Americans For Prosperity’s Jennifer Stefano, who clashed with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. There was more than enough good news for Obamacare to drive right-wingers around the bend. Stephano didn’t hold back.


After Hayes’ detailed description of “Obamacare derangement” syndrome, Stefano came out of the gate in full “Gish Gallop,”spewing more inaccuracies than even Hayes could hope to address during the interview. Fortunately, Ari Melber and NOW president  Jennifer O’Neil stepped in to fact check Stefano.

What could have driven Stefano off the deep end?

It’s anybody’s guess, really. Here’s the best of the worst from wingnuttia this week.

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