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Digest for April 1st

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for April 1st from 11:09 to 16:52:

  • Just Look At This Couple And Then Tell Me That Marriage Equality Should Be Banned – Jack and Ted were together for 25 years, and they couldn't get married in their home state.
  • Why Atheists Making Up .07% of America’s Prison Population Is Threatening to Christian Fundamentalists – Religious fundamentalists often proclaim that if atheists don’t like their Christian America they can leave. It's worth reminding them that if every atheist left, America would lose 85 percent of its scientists — not that the fundamentalists love science exactly — and less than one percent of its prison population. That's a tricky one for the self-proclaimed righteous ones, because godlessness supposedly leads to sinful behavior. But the facts are the facts.
  • Meet The Obamacare Enrollment Truthers – On the final day of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, right-wing media have resorted to echoing Republicans and accusing the White House of "cooking the books" on the latest enrollment figures.
  • Best defense a child rapist can have is a silver spoon – In case you wondered if there were two different justice systems in this country, consider this.

    Start with Robert H. Richards IV, an unemployed man who nevertheless has two million-dollar homes. He can do that sort of thing because he's a du Pont heir, and despite the horrors of the "death tax," he's still mooching his entire life without doing anything productive because of his family lineage.

  • Big Gains for Obamacare – New poll shows big gains in public support for Obamacare.
  • Take heart Republicans. You’ve kept millions of kids from getting health coverage – Republicans can take heart on this sad Obamacare enrollment good news day because they've achieved something in their relentless war on health insurance: They've kept millions of children off of the health care coverage rolls.
  • The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool – A study conducted by US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights shows that black preschoolers (yes, four and five year olds) make up almost half of all out-of-school suspensions for preschoolers. What any preschool student has to do in order to be suspended is beyond me. That said, black students are receiving the message — at younger and younger ages — that their behavior will be regarded differently, as inherently more disruptive and therefore more deserving of punishment. They are being denied the right to their formative years of education and socialization. And then we wonder why there is an “education gap.”
  • Celebrating Bigotry in Uganda – If for some reason you need a buzzkill today, BuzzFeed has one in a report on a "five-hour celebration" in Kampala of Uganda's new Anti-Homosexuality Law, apparently a joint production by President Yoweri Museveni and (a special buzzkill for me) the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda.

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