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Digest for June 26th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for June 26th from 07:48 to 17:17:

  • Lawmakers Who Helped Break Iraq Are Angry Obama Hasn’t Fixed It – Congress used to have hawks and doves when it came to Iraq. Now it seems to be filled with ducks.
  • Federal gun violence research has been banned for years. Now researchers are getting around it — with Google. – Over at the Urban Institute's MetroTrends blog, KiDeuk Kim and Sam Bieler explore using Google Trends data to track gun purchases in the United States. They looked at the frequency of several gun-related search terms, such as "buy gun" and "buy a gun," normalized them, and plotted them over time. Their findings?
  • Pyrrhic Victory – For a Republican Party that has openly admitted its strategy is based on obstructionism, a congressional victory in November could well be a pyrrhic one.
  • In Dramatic Pointless Gesture, Boehner to Sue Obama – At its root is the idea that Barack Obama's presidency is inherently illegitimate, and whatever he does in that office must be illegal, or nearly so. This often translates into complaints about process, so that even when they lose, Republicans charge that the game was rigged.
  • Why Did Pando Fire Two of Its Best Reporters? – David Sirota was breaking big stories at Silicon Valley site Pando Daily, so it’s a bit odd that he and fellow contributor Ted Rall were abruptly let go without any public explanation
  • Gary Oldman Doesn’t Get Free Speech – Oldham doesn't just misunderstand libertarianism; he is clueless about free speech. Ayn Rand, whose libertarian credentials are a tad bit stronger than Oldman's, noted that freedom of speech does not mean one is entitled to escape consequences.

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