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Digest for June 30th through July 1st

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for June 30th through July 1st:

  • Parental leave is good, but how great would summer vacation for parents be? | Jessica Valenti – Reforming the outdated school calendar could do as much for working families as flexible schedules and child care
  • This Judge Just Destroyed the Stupidest Argument Against Gay Marriage Ever – Kentucky had argued that legalizing gay marriage would harm the state's birth rate. "These arguments are not those of serious people," wrote US district judge John Heyburn. "Though it seems almost unnecessary to explain, here are the reasons why.
  • Three Reasons the Hobby Lobby Decision Is Worse for Women of Color – On its face there is nothing about this ruling that singles out women of color. But because of our political and economic realities, women of color often bare the brunt of the negative impacts of restrictions on women's health anyway. Here are three reasons why women of color may fare worse under this decision:
  • Obama Blasts Congressional Inaction: ‘So Sue Me’ – President Barack Obama lambasted Congressional Republicans on Tuesday for failing to bring up his legislative agenda for votes, adding a taunt to lawmakers who object to his use of executive actions: “So sue me.”
  • Three Myths Hurting Young Black Men and Boys – In America today, there are three myths, three fundamentally misguided beliefs that are hurting our young black men and boys — bright young people that I have been fortunate to meet in my time as Mayor of Philadelphia. These myths chip away at the opportunities of these young men of color. As a result, we're putting an entire generation at a severe disadvantage and wasting the lives of millions of people who, with reasonable investment, could become vital contributors to our economy and society.
  • Editorial: A Milestone for Same-Sex Marriage – In striking down Utah’s ban, a federal appeals court declared for the first time that gay couples have a “fundamental right” to wed.
  • Transgender children take spotlight – The presence of transgender and gender nonconforming youth at NYC Pride March is latest effort to increase visibility of the transgender community.

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