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Wingnut Week In Review:

The announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation brought out the nuttiest of wingnuts. Obama saluted with a latte, setting off the usual calls for impeachment. Meanwhile, Kansas raised funds and generated buzz.Rumors of Attorney General Eric Holder’s impending resignation were confirmed this week when Holder announced that he would resign as soon as his successor is confirmed.


Right-wingers couldn’t resist taking a victory lap.

Todd Starnes tweeted that Holder’s resignation would leave America “a little safer.”

Townhall Editor Kevin Glass tweeted, “We did it, guys.”

Fox News contributor Erick Erickson got a bit more vulgar in a RedState blog post.

News is just coming across the wire. Holder has been Obama’s friend and companion for six years. He has relentlessly screwed up most everything he has touched. He has overseen a Department of Justice that has been complicit in killing American border patrol agents and covering up abusive government. In the vernacular of the kids these days, Eric Holder has loyally served as Barack Obama’s cockblocker.

And now he is resigning.

The only reason Eric Holder would do this now, before the mid-term elections, is if he was pretty sure he’d have to deal with a Republican Senate next year. A nomination and confirmation fight is just another area to be politicized before the 2014 mid-terms when the nation has turned against Barack Obama on a host of issues and Republicans are revving up attacks on both the IRS and Benghazi.

The truth is, we’ve heard it all before.


You’ve heard that right-wing governor Sam Brownback’s massive tax cuts have left Kansas left Kansas a smoking ruin. Well, things have gotten so bad that Kansas is so broke it has to auction off sex toys, to plug the massive hole in the state’s budget.

The irony here is that the furry handcuffs, vibrators, and thousands of other items were seized in a raid on a company that owed more than $163,000 in state taxes. Kansas returned the merchandise to the business owner, on the condition that he auction off the toys to pay back the state.

Oh, and right-wingers called for Obama’s impeachment over this.


Apparently they forgot about this.


Add it to the long list of ridiculous scandals whipped up by wingnuts.


Here’s the best of the rest of the worst in wingnuttia this week:

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