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Digest for September 30th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for September 30th from 12:09 to 13:57:

  • 5 Habits of Highly Compassionate Men – Having compassion leads to increased happiness, freedom from gender stereotypes and better relationships with others.
  • ‘Is That Your F-ing Boyfriend? – The biggest news story in Philly for the last few days has been the alleged hate crime against a gay couple downtown by a group of twentysomethings out on the town — except Pennsylvania doesn't have a hate crime law protecting LGBTs.
  • Brooklyn Brewery war correspondents: Philip Gourevitch on coverage of Africa. (VIDEO). – Africa’s postcolonial recovery and the problem with how it’s covered.
  • Why Are So Many Black Towns Run by White City Councils? – It's not simply because blacks don't want to vote.
  • We Need Another Eric Holder – The reality of Blacks living daily fearful of an overwhelmingly white police force has not gone away. Fear of black people by white police has not gone away. Calling such things "unrest," would mean all we need in the Attorney General's office is someone who is calm. Therefore, "Guilty of being black while walking," and "Guilty of being black by driving," are issues for the next Attorney General.
  • The war on high-school history classes is a whole new level of dumb | Jeb Lund – Colorados school board and the American conservative movement in general are trying to pretend history never happened
  • Screw the national anthem – After what happened in Ferguson, I can't pretend the promise of that song extends to a black man like me
  • Single Parents Want to Be Good Parents – The growing trend of having children outside of marriage is not likely to be reversed, writes Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution, who has been studying childhood poverty for years. She has reached the conclusion that it's time to face up to that fact and help all parents become good parents. The second lesson is that parenting skills must be taught early.

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