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Wingnut Week In Review: The Inmates Take Over The Asylum

The 2014 mid-term elections are over, and the inmates have taken over the asylum. Prepare for wingnuttery like you’ve never seen before.

Last Friday, I had a lot of fun poking at the nuttiest candidates on the ballot. Wednesday morning I woke up to a mind-numbing reality: they all won.


There are some you may not have heard of, but they’re soon going to be making policy that may impact you.

* Too close to my own back yard for my comfort, [neo-confederate Michael Peroutka won a seat the Anne Arundel County Council]( “GOP’s Neo-Confederate Theocrat Wins Council Seat in One of Richest U.S. Counties”), with a margin of 1,900 votes. This is the guy who once declared “Dixie” the “national anthem,” called civil rights “make believe,” and thinks people who describe the earth as “millions of years old” are “wilfully anti-American,” because “the promotion of evolution is an act of disloyalty to America.”
* [Cory Garner, who defeated Colorado Democrat Sen. Mark Udell]( “Colorado Senate Candidate Rants Against 'Radical Environmentalists' in 2013 Video | ThinkProgress”), once blasted President Obama as someone who “threatens the very stability of our country,” and declared “we must stop him.”
* [Colorado voters also elected Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt as a state Senator]( “Meet 'Dr. Chaps' Gordon Klingenschmitt: Colorado's New Anti-Gay, Demon Hunting State Legislator | Right Wing Watch”). Klingenschmitt once used exorcism to rid a woman of her “foul spirit of lesbianism,” wrote a book about how President Obama is possessed by demons, and performed an exorcism of President Obama. Klingenschmitt defeated his Democratic opponent by almost 40 points.

Right-wingers got bent out of shape when [Sen. Mary Landrieu (D, Louisiana) suggested that race might be why President Obama is disliked in the South]( “Republicans Offended After Mary Landrieu Says Race Hurts Obama In South”). After all what race got to to with it? What’s race got to do with *any* of this stuff either?

* [C-SPAN caller, “Anthony from San Diego,” was cut short when he declared that “The Republicans hate that n****r Obama.”]( “C-SPAN caller: ‘Republicans hate that n****r Obama’ | theGrio”) Anthony was trying to convince his fellow Republicans not to overreach with their new majority.
* [Right-wing commentator Ben Stein called President Obama the “most racist president there has ever been in America.”]( “Talking Points Memo | Breaking News and Analysis | TPM”)
* [Fox News Host Tucker Carlson declared, “We need an older white guy appreciation day.”]( “Fox Host: We Need “An Older White Guy Appreciation Day” | Video | Media Matters for America”)
* [Carlson also accused President Obama of stoking “racial fears” to hold on to power]( “Tucker Carlson: Obama Stoking 'Racial Fears' To Keep Power | Right Wing Watch”), and [said that immigration ruined California.]( “Tucker Carlson unloads in unhinged rant about race and immigration –”)
* Right-wing activist [Larry Klayman said that President Obama is “furthering a type of reverse discrimination against people who are not African” and upholding his “affinity with Africa,”]( “Larry Klayman Vows To Stop Obama's Racist Ebola-ISIS Plot | Right Wing Watch”) by refusing to impose a travel ban on people coming West Africa, in order to combat the spread of Ebola.
* [Allen West told Newsmax’s Ed Berliner that Democrats are still the party of voter intimidation and the KKK, “except with a different kind of tactic.”]( “Allen West Says Democrats Are Still The Party Of Voter Intimidation And The KKK 'Except With A Different Type Of Tactic' | Right Wing Watch”)

The inmates have taken over the asylum, and before long they’ll start legislating.

Or maybe not. [Right-wing media was incensed that President Obama declared his intent to work with Republicans]( “Right-Wing Media Outraged After Obama Declares Intent To Cooperate With GOP | Research | Media Matters for America”).


Never mind that soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the same thing earlier the same day.


Wingnuts spewed outrage all over Twitter that President didn’t just resign and hand in the White House keys.

Plus, wingnut media has a message for Republicans: “You weren’t elected to govern!”

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