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Digest for December 3rd through December 4th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 3rd through December 4th:

  • White America’s moral disaster: From Eric Garner to Mike Brown, a destructive view of “justice” – Eric Garner is just one example of black life devalued. Here's how white victimization is tearing the nation apart
  • The real problem in Ferguson, New York and all of America is institutional racism | Vincent Warren – Black men are not dying at the hands of (mostly) white cops – nor are those cops being excused from legal responsibility – because of mutual ‘distrust’
  • 10 Ways the System Is Rigged Against Justice for People Wrongly Killed by Cops – As passions and protests flared on the streets of New York City following a Staten Island grand jury’s decision Wednesday not to indict the white NYC police officer whose chokehold and rough arrest killed Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, a key question emerges: Why is the justice system so biased against holding abusive officers accountable?
  • Choking on the News – Is the U.S. a police state? Sometimes it feels it's headed that way. Reading the news about the Eric Garner grand jury decision coming so soon after the Ferguson grand jury farce left me breathless and shocked.
  • The Eric Garner Case Shows Body Cams Don’t Mean Much – You'd have to actually believe in police abuse for cameras to be effective.
  • Everyone But Us – The announcement that the St. Louis Grand Jury's decision would not indict Darren Wilson was about much more than his potential prosecution; yes, it was yet another reminder of America's creed, where justice for African Americans remains a dream deferred and where politically, culturally, and morally black lives don't matter.
  • America Can’t Breathe – While the case of Eric Garner's killing without a doubt reflects on the need for improved law enforcement practices, it also calls into question our legal system, and demonstrates the need for reforms throughout the entire legal process.
  • Why We All Need Affirmative Action – We should care about affirmative action because recent headlines have jarred the nation's consciousness to the immediate, lethal consequences of racism. Three recent highly publicized murders of black teenagers—Trayvon Martin in 2011 in Sanford, Fla.; Jordan Davis in 2013 in Jacksonville, Fla.; and Michael Brown this year in Ferguson, Mo.—demonstrate how racism can effectively condemn someone to death.
  • An Open Letter To Charles Barkley – Once you were not afraid to ask that all-important question: “Who’s afraid a large black man?” Tragically, it now seems like the answer might be you.
  • An Invitation to White People – Imagine you are a black woman and you have a daughter named Jade who is in elementary school. One day she comes home and asks you, "Mommy, what does 'nigger' mean?" Your heart stops as the weight of this moment hits you. Do you stick with a short answer — "It's a mean word for black people" — and pray to God that she doesn't ask you the inevitable toddler question "Why?" Or perhaps you take a deep breath and decide that you'd rather be the one to tell her the truth about being black in America.

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