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Digest for December 10th through December 15th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 10th through December 15th:

  • Those Who Approved Torture Shouldn’t Be Above the Law – If we don’t hold our officials accountable for having authorized such conduct, we become complicit in it. The prisoners were tortured in our names. Now that the torture has been exposed in such detail, our failure to act would signify a kind of tacit approval.
  • The media treats Dick Cheney like the royals on vacation. He should be in jail | Trevor Timm – Torture architects have been allowed to explain away rape and detention of innocent people. If we can’t lock him up instead, shouldn’t we at least be able to hold the next Dick Cheney accountable?
  • Help Us, Dear God – Somewhere in our country lies an as yet undiscovered gravesite and an appropriate stone to mark the date of death and the burial of the brain of one Richard Cheney, the 46th Vice President of the United States, familiarly and deservedly known as Dick.
  • It’s Not the Law – but Prosecutors – That Give Immunity to Killer Cops – Of course, the feds and their state and local counterparts will not break their pact with the police – not until a people in angry, righteous motion create conditions of ungovernability in America’s cities that allows no other choice.
  • William E. Douglas, Jr.: I CAN’T BREATHE! – I felt this was larger than that poor man, a father and grandfather, being suffocated by the institutions meant to protect and serve him. I felt this howling wail issuing across the country was an expression of something deeper we have felt, but remained unconscious of.
  • What Sexual Assault Does To The Brain – Though we may never know what happened in this particular case, it's not uncommon for trauma survivors to have very fragmented recollections and difficulty with details, according to psychologist Dr. David Lisak, a forensic consultant and sexual abuse expert. This can sometimes lead to an incorrect retelling of the story.

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