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Wingnut Week In Review: American Jihad?

Wingnut Week In Review: American Jihad?

ISIS wants a holy war with America. Fox News and the wingnut brigade are aching to give them one. Will those who’ve learned nothing from history doom the rest of us to repeat it?

American Jihad?

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has outraged the world with suicide bombings, and videos depicting the brutal executions of its captives. This was after ISIS claimed that it would humiliate American soldiers and “raise the flag of Allah” over the White House. What ISIS really wants, of course, is a religious war that fulfills its apocalyptic theology, and also serves as one hell of a recruiting tool.

So, naturally, Fox News wants to give ISIS a “holy war.”


This, of course, is exactly what ISIS wants.


To make matters worse (if you’re a wingnut), the Obama administration is not about to embrace a “holy war.” Wingnuts howled when President Obama made it clear at Wednesday’s White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism,” that “We are not at war with Islam.”


They try to portray themselves as religious leaders—holy warriors in defense of Islam…and they propagate the notion that America and the West, generally, is at war with Islam…

We must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is lie. Nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek.

They are not religious leaders, they’re terrorists. And we are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.

The New York Post depicted President Obama wearing a blindfold on its front page.


Attorney General Eric Holder fired back when Fox News complained that the president didn’t say “radical Islam.”


“We spend more time, more time talking about what you call it, as opposed to what do you do about it, you know?” Holder said during an appearance at the National Press Club. “I mean really. If Fox didn’t talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about, it seems to me.”

The usual suspects rushed forward to prove him right.


Looks like the fun is just getting started. President Obama took on his critics, suggesting that right-wing rhetoric could help ISIS.

Loony-Tunes Lawmaking

Perhaps we should be grateful that the Republican Congress hasn’t gotten much done in its first session. Their counterparts at the state level have been busily engaged in loony-tunes lawmaking.


Here’s the rest of the best of the worst in wingnuttia this week:

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