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Digest for February 22nd through February 23rd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for February 22nd through February 23rd:

  • Most Americans Say the Rich Aren’t Taxed Enough – Tax season is here and more than two-thirds of Americans think the wealthy pay too little in federal dues, according to a new poll. What’s more, six in 10 say the middle class pays too much.
  • 5 Reasons White People Don’t Have to Hate People of Color to Be Racist – Here are some reasons why even the most “well-intended” white person can consciously and unconsciously still participate in racism:
  • How we die should be a personal choice, not the government’s – Many terminally ill patients fear dying slowly in pain. They'd like to cut short the agony.
  • This man is not a “moderate”: Why Jeb Bush is more conservative than you think – According to the dominant media narrative, Jeb Bush runs to the center. But history tells a different story
  • Talent Does Not Decide Whether You Succeed – It can be easy to ground ourselves with the notion that we don't have—or weren't born with—the talent to succeed. While some people may naturally have the upper hand in some skill sets, being successful at something really comes down to dedicating yourself to develop and master skills. Talent is just a starting point.
  • The Three Stooges of the Grand Obstructionist Party – Three grumpy old white men form a triumvirate of virtually everything that is wrong with the political system of abject dysfunction that currently is preventing anything positive or hopeful for the American people. Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, and Rudy Giuliani represent a modern day version of the Three Stooges, take your pick who is who but for my money Cheney is Moe, O'Reilly is Larry, and Giuliani is Curly. But their antics, while reflective of the foolishness of their namesakes, have consequences that are all too real and destructive.
  • Bury Your Haters With a Smile: Why Success is Always the Best Revenge – If there’s one important thing to remember when it comes to the general population, it’s this: Most people get a kick out of hurting others.
  • Op-Ed Columnist: Straight Talk for White Men – The evidence is overwhelming that unconscious bias remains widespread in ways that systematically offer benefits based on race and gender.
  • Why Do People Feel Entitled to Tell the Poor What to Eat? – Why do people think they’re entitled to decide how food stamps, in particular, are used? Not all government benefits elicit such feelings. When we give people assistance through the home-mortgage interest deduction, we don’t feel entitled to tell them what house to buy or what neighborhood to live in; when we subsidize a college education through student loans, we don’t tell students what school to go to or what to major in. When we tax capital gains income at a lower rate than income made from labor, we certainly don’t tell those stock pickers what to do with the extra cash.
  • Family of Alan Turing to demand government pardons 49,000 other men – Campaigners to bring petition to Downing Street, demanding all men convicted under gross indecency law for their homosexuality are pardoned

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