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Today’s Links June 11, 2015

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about today.

  • Why Free School Meals for All Baltimore Kids Is Huge
    I’m sure I’m not the only teacher who’s had students come to her in the middle of the day asking for a dollar or two, so they can buy something for lunch. Teachers in Baltimore won’t have to face that anymore.
  • A tale of two teens: Megyn Kelly, Josh Duggar and Fox News’ double standard for black youth
    How curious that 14-year-old Duggar gets a pass…but a 14-year-old African-American girl is "no saint"
  • Police Kill Black Women Too—and We Don't Talk About It Enough
    During protests that shook Baltimore in April, Freddie Gray’s name became a rallying cry in calls for criminal justice reform nationwide. But how many of us have heard of Rekia Boyd, the 22-year-old unarmed black woman who was fatally shot by a police detective in Chicago back in 2012? Just five days before demonstrations erupted for Gray in Maryland and then across the country, a judge acquitted the Chicago detective who killed Boyd, despite finding that he had acted in a manner that was "beyond reckless".
  • Libertarianism Is For White Men: The Ugly Truth About the Right’s Favorite Movement
    Okay, so libertarianism attracts nerdy white males, but surely these are not the only ones making up the dedicated crowd? While looking at the larger conservative movement, it becomes a bit more clear that the hostility towards government and collective movements in general tends to attract white males who want to preserve their dominance in a society where they are quickly becoming minorities.
  • How the Poor Make Better Financial Decisions Than the Wealthy
    People often assume that the poor are less competent than the wealthy. Some even suggest that the poor have flawed values or ways of thinking. But my colleagues and I have recently found that the poor outperform the rich at some financial decisions. Under poverty, people develop a unique expertise.
  • Today in piss-poor excuses for Eric Casebolt
    I don’t envy anyone who has to defend Eric Casebolt, the cop who has rocketed to infamy after sitting on a teenage girl while shoving her face in the dirt for the high crime of being a kid at a pool party while black. But man, you have to boggle at what his lawyer has come up with.
  • Jerry Seinfeld is a wimp: What his anti-P.C. tirades are really about
    If the latest debate over political correctness proves anything, it’s that *comedians* need to grow a thicker skin.

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