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The Worst Wingnut Reactions to Marriage Equality

The Worst Wingnut Reactions to Marriage Equality

There was much rejoicing among proponents of equality and fairness on Friday, when the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality in all 50 states. Among fans of discrimination and inequality, there was despair.

After more than a century of defending marriage as a fundamental right, and protecting access for women, the poor, prisoners, and interracial couples, the Court protected this fundamental right for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples now have the same rights and protections as everyone else, and nobody lost any rights and protections they already had. It was a ruling in which everybody won.

Not everyone saw it that way. There was so much joy in the air on Friday that it was difficult to focus much on wingnut insanity, beyond the hilariously bitter (Scalia) and bizarrely delusional (Thomas) dissents from members of the Court. But celebration wasn’t the only reaction to the Court’s decision. Right-wingers threatened everything from civil war to rewriting the constitution.

The Candidates

All of the GOP presidential candidates weighed in.

Out of all the GOP candidates, Graham is about the only one willing to tell the base that passing a constitutional amendment ain’t gonna happen in a country where 60 percent of Americans support marriage equality. Maybe that’s because deep down Graham knows he’s not going to win the GOP presidential nomination, so he has nothing to lose by speaking this particular truth.

The rest of the field would do well to listen to former Bush speechwriter David Frum’s take on the opportunity conservatives have to pivot away from old “culture war” politics: “Every once in a while, we bring down the curtain on the politics of a prior era. The stage is now cleared for the next generation of issues. And Republicans can say, ‘Whether you’re gay, black or a recent migrant to our country, we are going to welcome you as a fully cherished member of our coalition.’”

What played well even 10 years ago won’t necessarily work today. A poll conducted by the Democratic research firm GQRR found that 55 percent of likely 2016 voters would be less likely to vote for a candidate who opposed marriage equality. Even evangelicals, traditionally the “go-to” constituency for right-wing candidates, are not uniformly outraged by the Court’s ruling. Some, like David Cloud, hold the perspective that the Court was “shaking its puny fist at God,” which shouldn’t bother true believers. Others who are in favor of LGBT equality celebrated.


Looney-Tunes Lawmakers

Various right-wing lawmakers took their cue from segregationists who resisted integration, after the Court desegregated public schools.


Of all the reactions to the Supreme Court ruling, none could beat former D.C. Madam patron Sen. David Vitter’s (R, Louisiana) Tweet of himself eating Chik-Fil-A in his car.

The internet has a long memory, and Sen. Vitter walked right into the thick of it.

The Usual Suspects

The peanut gallery collapsed into hysterics.

Some threatened everything from suicide to revolution.


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