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Wingnut Week In Review: The Truth Hurts

Things got ugly this week, when Fox News anchor Shep Smith told the truth about Kentucky county clerk, and anti-gay theocrat, Kim Davis. The truth hurts, and wingnuts didn’t like it one bit.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was released after being jailed for contempt, for refusing to follow a federal court order requiring her to issue the marriage licenses, or at least let her deputies do so. Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was on hand to welcome Davis, with a rally fit for a pro-wrestler.

It was all too much for Fox News anchor Shep Smith, however. Apparently unable to contain himself, Smith let fly with a critical takedown of Davis as an opportunist and hypocrite. “Haters are gonna hate,” Smith said over the live broadcast of the rally. Smith slammed Davis for rejecting a compromise that would allow her deputies to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, just to keep the story in the media. (Smith may be more right than he knows. Unreasonable demands from Davis and her lawyer could drag the saga out until January — possibly longer.)

Smith even pointed out the hypocrisy of religious right-wingers who fear monger about Sharia law, and then support theocracy when it suits them. Yes, he took it there.


Needless to say, wingnuts didn’t like it.

The Right Scoop dubbed Smith a “puke” and an “idiot” for pointing out their hypocrisy, and argued for Christian theocracy: “And then he calls us hypocrites for not wanting Muslim theocracy in our country, suggesting we want to push our Christian values on the government? Does he know anything about how this country was founded? Has he ever read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?”

Cliff Kincaid at GOP USA moaned that Smith’s screed was evidence of “anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head” on Fox News, and was pained to see Fox “break its promise to air ‘fair and balanced’ coverage of the issue by permitting Smith to take such a crude stand against Davis.” Kincaid went on to claim that Smith’s outburst was further proof that Fox News has become “pro-homosexual” and called upon Smith to “come out of the closet”:

“With his reckless comments, Smith, regularly featured by Out magazine as a powerful homosexual media personality, has embarrassed his channel and turned himself into a liability with the channel’s conservative viewers. He has completely dropped any pretense of objectivity on his show, by apparently taking it personally that many people find the gay lifestyle to be morally repugnant.”

It’s a good thing they didn’t hear about the rest.


Davis even got flack from Survivor for using the band’s hit “Eye of the Tiger” at her release rally. co-songwriter Frankie Sullivan posted on Facebook, “I would not grant her the rights to use Charmin!” Co-founder and songwriter Jim Peterik had some words of his own:

“I was very surprised and dismayed at the misuse of the song I co-wrote with Frankie Sullivan for ‘Rocky lll,’” he told Billboard. “The song has motivated thousands through the years to reach beyond their limits. Its use for the release of Kim Davis does not support my views or my politics. I have contacted my publishers to make sure this usage is stopped immediately.”

Sounds like Davis will have more legal trouble on her hands.

Not to worry, though. Davis still has supporters out there in wingnuttia.


Here’s the rest of the best of the worst in wingnuttery this week:


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