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Today’s Links January 25, 2016

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about today.

  • The Poor of Flint Were Left Under the Cover of Darkness
    It was in April of 2014 that the water turned bad. Residents of Flint, Mich., reported that the stuff smelled. It was yellowish brown. You drank it and your hair fell out. Or you developed a rash. Or you were nauseous.. Again, this was in April.
  • Australia Gears Up to Celebrate Anniversary of Colonial Slaughter
    The original Australians are the oldest human presence. To the European invaders, they did not exist because their continent had been declared terra nullius: empty land. To justify this fiction, mass murder was ordained. But this truth has no place in the Australian consciousness.
  • It's Time to Get the Lead Out
    Why does it take a disaster like this to get the attention of political leaders that safeguarding water and air and other resources is a human right? The primary responsibility of government "i.e. local, state and federal," is to protect the lives of its citizens. Clearly, this wasn’t at the top of the priority list for this governor.
  • This New Yorker Cover Perfectly Explains the Problem With Donald Trump | Mother Jones
    The point here is that what is distasteful about Trump is not that he offends old-fashioned American values; Trump is distasteful because he taps into certain old-fashioned American values—nativism, brash tough talk, slow-burning authoritarianism; family dynasties—that have played a not-inconsequential role throughout our history.
  • The Work-Life Balance Goes to Court
    Workers like those involved in two new lawsuits against Walmart shouldn’t have to choose between satisfying supervisors and caring for their families.

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