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Today’s Links February 2, 2016

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about today.

  • We’d rather pay for prison: Poverty, mental illness and the high cost of justice failing before a crime is even committed
    In America, our answer to crime only focuses on the end game—that grand sweeping gesture of a trial, jail time, or the death penalty, as if the whole process offered any sort of remedy for the deep wounds of our society.
  • To understand Michael Jackson and his skin, you have to go beyond race
    Understanding Michael Jackson’s skin and what it was like for him to live in it isn’t simply a matter of picking a skin color and an actor to match.
  • If the Snack Industry Was Like the Gun Industry We Would Be Even Fatter
    Imagine what our lives would look like if for the last several decades, the snack food industry had put a portion of every bag of chips ever purchased into a fund set aside strictly to promote and preserve your personal right to crunch. Over the years, they spent that money advertising, lobbying and funding political candidates, all the time warning the public that the government was trying to take away your right to enjoy pretzels with your football and beer. They stoked fear, claiming that militant health foodies were taking over and that the government was coming to confiscate your Pringles. They appealed to your core values. This isn’t just about the right to Cheez Doodles, but about your God-given right as Americans to put Doritos in your kids’ lunch bags.
  • Angry, White Primaries
    This election, as we’ve all heard, is dominated by angry white people. That is because the primary system is fundamentally racist.
  • A Right to the Land: Native Americans and Militias in Oregon and Nevada
    If anyone has the right to demand that the U.S. government hand back federal lands to the people it’s Native Americans. For hundreds of years, the federal government has stripped territory from Indigenous tribes who have continually fought to regain their lands as sovereign nations.

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