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Wingnut Week In Review: The GOP Won’t Defend Trump, Or Denounce Him

This week, in a scathing take-down of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton linked him to white supremacists and white nationalists in the alt-right movement, and laid bare his own history of racial discrimination. Republicans responded with deafening silence.

When the history of the 2016 presidential race is written, it will go down as a defining moment. In a 31 minute speech, Americans became re-acquainted with the Hillary Clinton we got to know during the Democratic convention: a fierce advocate who sweats the details, because “the details matter.” She delivered a carefully crafted 12-point take-down of Donald Trump, detailing his own history of racial discrimination, and linking him to the white supremacist/white nationalists of the alt-right movement — with enough details to leave fact-checkers with little to do.


Clinton spelled out the impact Trump’s rhetoric and his association with far-right bigots on our national discourse.

“From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia,” Clinton said, before reciting a litany of Trump’s blatantly racist assertions. “He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous.”

Clinton, in one killer sentence, effectively put Donald Trump in a box he’s unlikely to talk his way out of between now and November.

It all culminated in one brutal paragraph in which Clinton managed to hit on many of the key themes of her address: “A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military.”

Plus, she did it all without ever once actually calling Trump a racist. She laid out the evidence, connected the dots, and trusted Americans to get the picture.

You might expect Republicans would rush to defend their nominee and standard-bearer from such a devastating attack. You would be wrong. The big story, after Clinton’s speech, is the deafening silence of Republican leadershipApparently House Speaker Paul Ryan either couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t bear to watch.

The Republican Party has tweeted about everything but Clinton’s speech, and failed to even issue so much as a press release in Trump’s defense. No leading Republicans have come forward to defend Trump. Running mate Mike Pence flew back to Indiana, to survey storm damage, and hasn’t been heard from since.

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer went on television to defend Trump and fell flat on his face.


Not only did no Republicans come forward to defend Trump, but none came forward to denounce him either. Not a singe one in the 24 hours since this speech has come forward to say that they can no longer in good conscience support Donald Trump. Clinton’s speech wasn’t just designed to take down Trump. It was also designed to give Republicans a escape hatch.

Offered one last chance to be on the right side of history, or at least not on the wrong side of it, not one Republican took it. That says as much about the Republican Party as Clinton said about Trump.

Here’s the best of the rest of the worst in wingnuttery this week:


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