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Imagine a World Without Hate

March 22, 2013 by terrance | Comments Off

Just watch this video.

Now just imagine it.

Imagine all the live that would not be lost.

Imagine all the hopes and dreams would not be crushed.

Imagine all the discrimination that would not happen.

Imagine all the suffering and pain that would not happen.

Imagine all the acts of violence that would not happen.

Imagine all the money not spent on weapons of war and mayhem.


Imagine what those we loose to hatred might do with the lives in a world without hatred.

Imagine how we might realize dreams longer denied or hindered because of race, religion, creed, gender or gender identity, orientation, nationality, ablebodiedness, or economic status.

Imagine what we could do with the time no longer spent fighting with one another.

Imagine what we could do with all the resources no longer dedicated to building and buying more and bigger weapons to defend against one another.

Imagine no one going without food, shelter, or medical care.

Imagine no man, woman, or child ever being friendless.

Imagine every child having access to good schools and education.

Just imagine it.

But don’t just imagine it.

Today, in even the smallest way, make it happen. Take even the smallest step to move us in that direction, having faith that you do not walk alone.

Is a world without hatred even possible? Who knows?

But who knows how close we can even get to it?

We can find out. But just imagining it won’t get us there.

So imagine it. But don’t just imagine it.

March 14, 2012
by terrance
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