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Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.


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  1. I always thought PTSS was bull-shit. Ok, I have never experienced combat. I think fifteen years in air traffic control was enough. My
    aunt married a great guy who was a Nam vet. He sneered at me over being Air Force and at the bomber base at Utapao, Thailand.
    Well, Judy told me about his nightmares, sweats, and violent mood swings.
    Larry never talked about it. And, he died of a massive coronary at
    age 51. I am convinced that you must talk and get the crap out. I am certain that there are other vets like Larry out there who need help.
    I think the VA is doing a good job and they are going to see a larger
    case load of mental difficulties from this war.


  2. I would like to share my music video with the gay community for gay rights awareness. I am tired of seeing human beings die just because they want to live and love the way they want to. Many of my friends have reached out to me confidentially confessing the thoughts of committing suicide or struggling with being what socitety considers normal. They live isolated mentally and can not think past fear or being free. I want to tell them that, “I understand, I hear you, and I stand with you. I love you.” I hope my song and music video opens the eyes of those that can not see past their own stubborn misleading beliefs. I hope that they can see how others not like themselves struggle and are mentally disarrayed trying to live a normal life because society has painted a right and wrong picture. My ultimate messsage is “Be free to love, do not result to the option of taking your life, choose the option to LOVE.”

    Pour vous, with Lots of Love,
    Kati G Sakyi