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February 4, 2008
by terrance

Abstaining from the Reality of Gay Familes

This Friday, I had something anyone who’s ever lived through the first few months of parenting a newborn will understand is something to be treasured: a day off. The rest of the family left the house in the morning, and … Continue reading

January 23, 2008
by terrance
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Daddy’s Home: Recommended Reading

I’m at home with Dylan today and working from home. (Dylan’s doing very well, by the way. He’s nearing 2 months old and has gotten so much bigger! He was just under six pounds when he was born, and he’s … Continue reading

December 31, 2007
by terrance
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The Year’s Best

Jon Swift has posted the best blog posts of 2007, from his blogroll. There are enough fantastic posts there to keep you reading until next year, including “The Queer Thing About School Shooters, Pt. 2″ from this blog. Check them … Continue reading